2013 Subscription Plan

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Deals

Popularity demanded it: more books and a subscription plan for 2013. For only $63.95, you’ll get seven books, which is pretty cheap considering the shelf price or whatever will total like $110. And you only have to pay $2 shipping and handling for all of them.

The first book arrives in February. They will each be delivered with a broadside featuring exclusive stories, bonus words from the author, and a publisher’s note about the book.

OR you can choose the number of books you’ll receive. Just include the titles (listed below) that you want mailed to you in the “Seller Instructions” on the Paypal form.

Choose Your Order

These are the books for next year. The best in the business.

  • NIGHT MOVES, by Stephanie Barber—a compelling way to think about Bob Seger’s classic song
  • I DON’T KNOW, I SAID, by Matthew Savoca—part road novel, part existential meditation
  • A MOUNTAIN CITY OF TOAD SPLENDOR, by Megan McShea—a collection of poems and ecstatic microfictions
  • PROVING NOTHING TO ANYONE, by Matt Cook—witty, affectionate, aphoristic poems to make the everyday extraordinary
  • ACTIVITIES, by John Dermot Woods—150 pages of comics! they’re like short stories, but drawn, and with full color pages
  • FIGURES FOR AN APOCALYPSE by Edward Mullany—sort of a follow up to the highly praised IF I FALTER AT THE GALLOWS
  • plus a mystery book (to keep things mysterious)