On Friday I went to NYC to read at the Multifarious Array at Pete’s Candy. I read with Douglas A. Martin and Cathy Wagner, both of whom just blew me away. I’ve read a number of times in NYC now and this was my favorite, perhaps because it felt the most like Baltimore — the audience felt like a big group of friends.

After the reading, John Woods and Edward Mullany and I went to a quiet Polish bar to talk about the business; I’ve just published Edward’s book and John’s — a collection of comics — is due out next year. It was good to chat about this stuff, as it always is, because it’s all I think about.

Things got un-quiet pretty quick, though, when these two tough guys came in and made fun of us. They called John a “civil servant” for some reason. One of them was a golden glove boxer, internationally. The picture above shows Edward getting some pointers, and some jabs.

Ultimately, a good photo of yourself boxing is a Must-Have for every writer.

Hello? Anyone there?

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