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Sale! Publishing Genius’s Annual Crazy Eddie Joke


UPDATE: The sale has ended. Thanks for participating, and of course, stay tuned at our Twitter feed, @pubgen, for more sales announcements.

Thought we’d get in on the fun with Publishing Genius’s books, offer a crazy sale.

Today all books are 50% off with coupon code “THNAKS!

"Nobody Dancing" is on sale

Just use discount code THNAKS! at checkout, and we’ll cut the price in half. The discount is even added to sale prices, meaning you can get our brand new book, Nobody Dancing by Cheryl Quimba (the poet/critic, with Joe Hall, behind the “Movie Times” podcast), for less than five bucks.

What books are on sale? All of them.

Eat, Knucklehead! is on saleCheck out Eat, Knucklehead!the coolest cookbook to come out all year.

It is an epistolary novel by Craig Griffin and a cookbook all in one. And it makes a great gift for people who are just starting out in the kitchen. There are about 100 mostly vegetarian recipes among these funny and heartfelt chapters.

Or how about The Well-Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found, a graphic novel?

This comic book by Jarod Roselló is a beautifully drawn, totally engaging story about a bear who keeps getting misdialed calls to his house, prompting him to feel even more alone and misplaced in a city where he seems to be the only bear, and people are increasingly mean to him. What’ll happen?

The deal applies to all our backlist, too. Check out groundbreaking books by Melissa Broder, Madeline ffitch, Rachel B. Glaser, and Michael Kimball—and tons more people—in our shop.

Best of What's Left of Heaven - on sale!

What about The Best of (What’s Left of) Heaven, the very varied, 200+ page poetry collection by Mairéad Byrne from which we took our coupon code?

(It’s from a poem called “How to Say Thank You When You Really Mean It But Don’t Have Time Right Now.”)

Mix and match ’em. Clear out our shelves, why don’tcha? We’re like Crazy Eddie—make us regret it.



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Wet, Hot Fun Camp Discussion Guide

Durham Front WebThe discussion guide we made for Fun Camp (links to ebook version, $5.95) a few years ago could work just as well as a discussion guide for the Netflix show/prequel Wet, Hot American Summer. Here’s a link to download the PDF, if you wanna. (Particularly good for teachers who are looking for texts to use in their humor writing classes.)

FUN CAMP discussion guide (PDF download)


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Matt Cook declared Milwaukee’s next Poet Laureate

Matt Cook, author of Proving Nothing to Anyone (PGP 2013) and three other collections of poetry from Manic D Press, was recently announced to be the next Poet Laureate of Milwaukee.

That the award is given out in Milwaukee might sound like a joke, but when I lived there for five years (which was where I was first turned on to Matt’s wonderful style of writing and reading), I realized that it’s a city that takes poetry and art seriously—but in a fun, communal way. Woodland Pattern is there, and it’s an amazing backbone of the national small press world, with thousands of chapbooks and small press titles. And of readings that happen in bars—whether it’s a corner bar or the pristine stage at Linneman’s (which is the same thing), or the weird couches at Y-Not—Milwaukee’s are unique because they are attended as frequently, and appreciated as much, by people who just happen to be there for the Blatz as they are by the poetry set.

I think Matt Cook’s a big reason for this. You can’t not enjoy poetry when he’s at the mic. So it’s exciting that he’s been given this title.

The award was started in 2000 and is run by the Milwaukee Public Library—the central branch of which is one of the best libraries I’ve ever been in. You can find out more about the award in this article at the Journal-Sentinel announcing Matt Cook’s appointment.

To participate in the celebration, Publishing Genius is offering Proving Nothing to Anyone for just $10. Click here to take advantage of the deal.

Here’s a video of Matt performing his poem, “James Joyce” in the nineties.

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Get a Free Copy of Eat, Knucklehead


Today we are pleased to unveil the cover for Craig Griffin’s cookbook, Eat, Knucklehead. The photography was done by Deanna McCarthy, and Craig scratched out the titling himself.

Below, we’ll tell you how you can get a free copy of this 200+ page book.

So, here at the Publishing Genius offices we think this cover perfectly captures the story that’s told in this cookbook. That’s right—story and cookbook go together here. While Craig has compiled about 100 recipes, mostly vegetarian and some fish, Eat, Knucklehead also tells the story of an unnamed father and son as both of them grow up in their own ways.

We get to know these fellas by way of letters sent from the father to his recently graduated son, wherein he’s teaching the young man how to cook, and also sharing the often goofy antics that surround the food’s provenance.

Thus the cover, which conveys the title written on the cheap paper the man writes on, also includes a shot of whiskey (coinciding nicely with the chapter of hangover cures, “Drinking is Fun and Painful”), a wisp of smoke, an empty plate, and a framed photo of a boy we presume to be his son, the receiver of these letters.

The book, accordingly, is written for people like me, which is to say those of us unencumbered by any cooking ability. Craig writes out the recipes in an approachable and funny way. There’s a range of flavors, too, from breakfasts like the “Green Dragon Omelet” and wild rice pancakes, to snacks like “Popcorn with Lime” and (of course) kale chips, to a soup called “White Lightning” and a lasagna, an apple-brandied cherry pie, veggie pate and, of course, a whole chapter about cooking with weed.

About that free copy …

To get your hands on a copy of the book, which will be out later this year, read a chapter we just posted at Medium. If you cook something from it, let us know in the comments, or send us a picture by email, and we’ll send you a book when it’s ready, gratis, as a thanks for playing. Make sure you include a way to get ahold of you!

Go to Medium and read and cook!

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Winner(s) of the “Write Like Mike Young” Contest

winnerAnd we have a winner! Or, we have two winners! For the contest! For Mike’s book! Finally!

The Write Like Mike Young contest was held to promote the release of Sprezzatura, which came out officially last Tuesday. The rules were simple: write a poem in the incomparable style of Mike Young. Mike himself picked the winner out of a big candy colored pile of some spot on entries. Like, who wrote this line:

You were too attractive for clown school, but look at me now.

sprezzatura-cover-front640The prizes include copies of the book, top publication in an accompanying contest eBook (along with all the other excellent entries), AND an invitation to edit Everyday Genius for the month of January (which the two winners will split, which will make for an interesting month of reading).

Mike couldn’t pick just one, so I’m pleased to announce two winners. Congratulations to Dominic Gualco for his poem “banjo tune for spring” and Mitchell Garrard, for “After a Vogue Séance, Fashionable Spirits Keep Singing” from which the line above is quoted.

The eBook should be released next week. Shout all about it!

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Chapbook House


BeauregardCoverWeb KidsITeachCover

I’ve been sojourning at 421 Atlanta (Amy McDaniel’s house) during this semester break, and this past week her press and mine both received a delivery of chapbooks from the UPS truck on the same day. For 421 Atlanta it was Daniel Beauregard’s collection of poetry, Before You Were Bornand for PGP it was The Kids I Teach, the full-color deal by Andrew Weatherhead and Mallory Whitten.

In recognition of that serendipitous timing, we are offering the “Chapbook Family” discount. For just $9—two bucks off—you can share the joy and get both chapbooks delivered to YOUR OWN doorstep on the same day.

Just click the Buy Button:



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Holiday Book Sale


Thanks for looking. This sale is now closed.

Click the book cover to see more information about each title, but come back to this page to take advantage of the sale price. Each order will also include the new PGP sticker. Also, if there is an eBook version of the title you purchase, include a note when you check out through Paypal saying you’d like that too. You’ll get it in your email right away. Sale ends Tuesday.


$2 Books

SixOff66-Web-CoverSix Off 66 by David Daniel (104 pages), a collection of short stories.

Goodreads reviewer: “Every once and a while a collection of short stories comes along that reminds me why I love the form, and this little book did just that.”






WondolowskiCoverWebThe Origin of Paranoia as a Heated Mole Suit by Rupert Wondolowski (52 pages), a collection of poetry and microfiction by the master.

Goodreads reviewer: “You need to get this book. It’s a lovely, petite book of poems that will make your scream-hole work overtime …”






$3 Books

Toll MeteorThe Disinformation Phase by Chris Toll (72 pages), a collection of poetry.

Goodreads reviewer: “Finally, I am helped to see the sacred texts for what they are, whatever they are …”





Falcons on the Floor Falcons on the Floor by Justin Sirois (300 pages), a road novel set during the siege of Fallujah during the Iraq War.

Goodreads reviewer: “It really is refreshing to see such an ambitious, meticulous novel come out of the small-press scene. What Sirois has done here cannot have been easy.”





SavocaCover1 I Don’t Know I Said by Matthew Savoca (200 pages), a road novel set during the woeful days of young adulthood.

Goodreads reviewer: “At its core, Savoca’s novel is a roadmap of scenarios shared and survived. If you have any feeling left in your heart, you owe it to yourself to invest in a copy.





ER CoverEaster Rabbit by Joseph Young (104 pages), a collection of microfiction.

Goodreads reviewer: “These stories are so achingly beautiful, some quite mysterious, with wit and verve. There’s no such thing as a too-short story, if it is told well…”





FGS Cover Front

Fog Gorgeous Stag by Sean Lovelace (72 pages), a microfiction adventure.

Goodreads reviewer: “Laughed out loud several times while reading this, for the sheer joy of it.”






$4 Books

The Best of What’s Left of Heaven by Mairéad Byrne (208 pages), a collection of poetry.

Goodreads reviewer: This a great read, the kind of poetry book that makes me keep thinking “I want to share this poem! Even with non-poetry people!”





KimballFrontCoverMichael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (On a Postcard) by Michael Kimball (186 pages), a collection of life stories.

Goodreads reviewer: “This collection of life stories is so moving. I love people, animals, and objects even more now. Kimball pulls out the details that strike your heart.”





Orange JuiceOrange Juice by Timothy Willis Sanders (70 pages), a collection of short stories.

Goodreads reviewer: “Yes! Sanders has honed in on a simple style, with much to read between the lines. Story after story, you realize just how much he has perfected his voice.”






$5 Books

A Mountain City of Toad Splendor A Mountain City of Toad Splendor by Megan McShea (86 pages), a collection of poetry.

Goodreads reviewer: “I love this book. It is very original music. I can sing them. I did sing them.”






CookCoverProving Nothing to Anyone by Matt Cook (86 pages), a collection of poetry.

Goodreads reviewer: “lol aw whooooa”





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IDKIS Trip Giveaway


Going on a trip? Where to? Want some reading material for the car or the layover?

We’re going to send a copy of Matthew Savoca’s road novel, I Don’t Know I Said, to three winners with trips planned. Are you going to a conference for work? Spelunking? Baseball Hall of Fame? A visit to Grandma’s before she clocks out? Just want to get away?

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also send you a mix CD of some great road songs, AND best of all: Matthew will write a list for you of what to pack.

To enter, give us some details about what you’re doing. Where are you going? What will you see? How long’s the trip? Tell us whatever cool stuff you want, but make sure you include your final destination.

Any trip you’re going to take is eligible.

You can leave a comment on this post, or Tweet an answer with the hashtag #IDKIS, or send an email to trips at publishinggenius dot com — we’ll pull all the responses together and throw some darts at a map and if one lands close to your destination, we’ll send you a book. We’ll send one to the first three destinations we hit within 100 miles. That seems like fun.

The game ends next Wednesday, May 22, at noon. We’ll announce the winners shortly after that.

Here’s a map of one of the getaways from Matthew’s book:

View “I Don’t Know,” I Said in a larger map

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2013 Subscription Plan


Popularity demanded it: more books and a subscription plan for 2013. For only $63.95, you’ll get seven books, which is pretty cheap considering the shelf price or whatever will total like $110. And you only have to pay $2 shipping and handling for all of them.

The first book arrives in February. They will each be delivered with a broadside featuring exclusive stories, bonus words from the author, and a publisher’s note about the book.

OR you can choose the number of books you’ll receive. Just include the titles (listed below) that you want mailed to you in the “Seller Instructions” on the Paypal form.

Choose Your Order

These are the books for next year. The best in the business.

  • NIGHT MOVES, by Stephanie Barber—a compelling way to think about Bob Seger’s classic song
  • I DON’T KNOW, I SAID, by Matthew Savoca—part road novel, part existential meditation
  • A MOUNTAIN CITY OF TOAD SPLENDOR, by Megan McShea—a collection of poems and ecstatic microfictions
  • PROVING NOTHING TO ANYONE, by Matt Cook—witty, affectionate, aphoristic poems to make the everyday extraordinary
  • ACTIVITIES, by John Dermot Woods—150 pages of comics! they’re like short stories, but drawn, and with full color pages
  • FIGURES FOR AN APOCALYPSE by Edward Mullany—sort of a follow up to the highly praised IF I FALTER AT THE GALLOWS
  • plus a mystery book (to keep things mysterious)
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Book Giveaway: New York Tyrant

tyrant front

*UPDATE* A little behind schedule, I just asked on Facebook for two numbers. The first response was 9 and 6, dude, so that means the winners were the 9th and 6th commenters, arranged from the newest. So: Buck and iamoulton, huzzah, get in touch. Book giveaways are fun. Check back for more, every week. *END UPDATE*

With thanks to Luke Goebel, this issue’s guest editor, I’m happy to give away two copies of The NY TyrantThere’s amazing stuff in this issue (as always), including stories by Rachel B. Glaser, Noy Holland, Tao Lin, J. A. Tyler, Paula Bomer and lots more. Gordon Lish.

To be considered, just leave a comment about any old thing. I’ll choose winners at random on Sunday night.

We’re just giving it away.