List of Books

Alphabetical by author last name:

      • Barber, Stephanie. these here separated to see how they standing alone. (Film narration/56p, DVD)
      • Barber, Stephanie. Night Moves. (YouTube/84p)
      • Bender, Lauren. Whale Box. (Poem/20p)
      • Bible, Michael. Simple Machines(Fiction/64p)
      • Bresnick, Polly. Old Gus Eats.(Poetry/28p)
      • Broder, Melissa. Meat Heart. (Poetry/90p)
      • Broder, Melissa. SCARECRONE. (Poetry/100p)
      • Byrne, Mairéad. The Best of (What’s Left of) Heaven. (Poetry/200p)
      • Cook, Matt. Proving Nothing to Anyone. (Poetry/86p)
      • Crutchfield, Christy. How to Catch a Coyote. (Fiction/192p)
      • Daniel, David. Six Off 66. (Short stories/66p)
      • Devine, Andy with Michael Kimball. Words. (Essays, short stories, novel/104p)
      • Durham, Gabe. FUN CAMP. (Fiction/166p)
      • ffitch, Madeline. Valparaiso, Round the Horn. (Short stories/246p)
      • Glaser, Rachel. Pee On Water. (Short stories/150p)
      • Gould, A. Minetta and Amber Nelson. Arousing Notoriety b/w Your Trouble is Ballooning. (Poetry/80p)
      • Griffin, Craig. Eat, Knucklehead! (Fiction, cookbook/220p)
      • Hall, Joe. Post Nativity. (Poetry/20p)
      • Jones, Shane. Light Boxes. (Fiction/172p)
      • Kimball, Michael. Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (On a Postcard)(Fiction/186p)
      • Kimball, Michael. The One-Hour MFA. (Nonfiction/90p)
      • Lovelace, Sean. Fog Gorgeous Stag. (Fiction/72p)
      • McShea, Megan. A Mountain City of Toad Splendor. (Poetry/86p)
      • Madsen, Spencer. You Can Make Anything Sad. (Poetry/90p)
      • Mullany, Edward. If I Falter at the Gallows. (Poetry/83p)
      • Mullany, Edward. Figures for an Apocalypse. (Poetry/198p)
      • Mullany, Edward. The Three Sunrises. (Fiction/400p)
      • Nelson, Amber and A. Minetta Gould. Your Trouble is Ballooning b/w Arousing Notoriety. (Poetry/80p)
      • NeSmith, David. El Greed. (Comics/20p)
      • Robinson, Adam. Say, Poem.(Poetry/72p)
      • Sanders, Timothy Willis. Orange Juice and Other Stories. (Fiction/56p)
      • Savoca, Matthew. I Don’t Know I Said. (Fiction/200p)
      • Simmons, Matthew. A Jello Horse. (Fiction/76p)
      • Sirois, Justin. MLKNG SCKLS. (Fiction/60p)
      • Sirois, Justin. Falcons on the Floor(Fiction/300p)
      • Toll, Chris. The Disinformation Phase. (Poetry/72p)
      • Topp, Mike. Sasquatch Stories. (Fiction/68p)
      • Warner, Barrett. My Friend Ken Harvey. (Poetry/40p)  
      • Weatherhead, Andrew and Mallory Whitten. The Kids I Teach. (Comics/28p)  
      • Wondolowski, Rupert. The Origin of Paranoia. (Poetry/56p)  
      • Woods, John Dermot. Activities. (Comics/148p)
      • Young, Joseph. Easter Rabbit. (Fiction/100p)
      • Young, Mike. Sprezzatura. (Poetry/132p)
      • Young, Mike. We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough. (Poetry/92p)

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