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Book Giveaway: Birds LLC package


No one happened to name the bird I was thinking of, a scarlet tanager, but I wasn’t even sure that was a bird as opposed to a tree or some sort of fox, so right away I decided I’d also accept a robin, which was the bird I saw most often growing up in upstate NY.

No one said that, either, so I thought I’d pick my favorite among the comments below. But then I decided that wouldn’t be fair, because I would pick Carrie Murphy’s funny Orioles gag, or Joe Riippi’s “Larry Bird,” just because I don’t know anything about birds, what am I, an ornithologist? (Did not say “that would be fowl,” note.)

So instead I decided to bring in an expert. I’m pleased to introduce Dr. F. A. Kename, a respected bird expert. He read through the 33 comments and using science and intuition pronounced the winner to be:

the Dead Sea Sparrow. Apparently this bird lives around the Dead Sea, like in Jordan and Iraq. There is also a folk band from Durham, NC with this name. Real chill.

Congratulations go to Jason Bradford, who will receive the Birds LLC catalog.

**End Update**

Guess what? I won a bunch of Birds LLC books from the Flying Object raffle last week. But guess what else? I’m crazy about Birds LLC, so I already have all these books.

So guess what else else? I’m going to give them away. I miss book giveaways.

Just leave a comment in the box below, making sure you include a way to get in touch with you if you win (USA only, please, unless you want to pay for shipping). In your comment, mention a couple (that is, two) of your favorite birds. I’ll send all six of these books to the first person who names the bird I’m thinking of right now. It’s Tuesday—if no one guesses my bird, I’ll pick a winner on Friday (#fridayreads).

What books are these? Some of my favorites, and that’s putting it mildly. Birds have asserted themselves as one of America’s best poetry publishers. Follow them on Twitter.

  • ryan w. bradley

    always down for more books!

  • ryan w. bradley

    favorite bird: raven. or traditional swallow tattoos.

  • Matthew Simmons

    I like grackles. And I like screech owls.

  • Timmy Reed

    1) Chicken

    2) Duck

  • Carrie murphy

    cal Ripken, Eddie Murray.

  • Joseph Riippi

    Elk bird. Larry Bird.

  • Carabella Sands

    1) Baby Bird

    2) Buzzard

  • Chris Kelly

    1 Penguin!

    2 Scarlet Ibis!

  • Laura van den Berg

    I love Birds LLC too! I’m going with the blue-footed booby & the good old sparrow.

  • jason bradford

    dead sea sparrow
    snow owl
    jabradford at fmtcs dot com

  • Michelle S.

    Favorites!? I’m going with birds of paradise and sparrows.

  • hr

    ash-throated and gray flycatchers

  • Russel Swensen

    Wrens, Kestrels.

  • Tobias Rex
  • Sarah C.

    cockatiel. parakeet. books!

  • rawbbie

    Emus or Kiwis

    • rawbbie

      or Emilio Estevez and Joshua Jackson

  • JosephYoung

    cat bird!

  • kimberly southwick

    bluejays and cardinals. I know they’re typical, but they’re so bright. And bluejays are actually pretty MEAN and LOUD for being so pretty. punx.

  •!/BobbyHD Bobby Dixon

    I have always thought the chicken was a beautiful and under-respected bird

  • Adam Robinson

    These are all REALLY GOOD but no one has guessed it yet.

  • Jeremy Bauer

    peregrine falcon & great blue heron

  • Zach

    starlings and storks

  • Amanda McCormick

    It’s gotta be either a lark or a pelican.

  • Elise anderson Burke

    eagle, warbler, starling, vulture, pigeon? Origami bird?

  • Guest

    eagle, warbler, starling, vulture, pigeon, hawk? Origami bird?

  • Elise anderson Burke

    starlings and cranes.

  • stephanie

    cormorants and swallows. (well, at least those are the birds i’m thinking of).

  • Mark Seidl

    Great horned owl, pileated woodpecker

  • Mark Charon

    Chickadee, nuthatch

  • Teresa

    Local visitors: red-winged blackbirds, yellow-crowned night heron, great blue heron, tufted titmouse, northern flicker… Do pterodactyls count?