Figures for an Apocalypse by Edward Mullany


Figures for an Apocalypse is a collection of episodes about eternity. It’s vast, precise, and unhurried. It could go on forever, in the way that reading a novel can feel as if a new branch of reality is revealed to you, and the world will continue in the mode of its insight forever. The sustained thinking and intense concentration in these poems is what we expect from literature. – Arda Collins

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A Satisfying Sense of Control: Adam Robinson Interviews John Dermot Woods

from "Try to Sleep"

I had the chance to ask John Dermot Woods some questions about his new book, Activities, a stunning and evocative collection of comics. Not having a lot of experience with comics, this was probably the most challenging book PGP has put together. But John knows his stuff, and we took our time with it, and the printer did a great job, and the results are amazing. Check out this sample of the book and then read our interview.

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An Insane Process Close Enough to Nonsense: Matthew Savoca Interviews Matt Cook


One thing Publishing Genius authors are doing over the course of the year is interviewing each other in a chain. In this installment, Matthew Savoca (author of the winning novel I Don’t Know I Said talks to Matt Cook about his collection of poetry. At one point, Matt says, “I’m wondering if I have fifteen minutes of reality in me somewhere.”

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