Deal: Broder / Madsen Bundle


At PAPERMAG, Gabby Bess, who is a whirlwind of great critical writing these days, lists “5 Indie Poetry Books that “Even Non-Lit People Will Love.” Two of them are from Publishing Genius: Spencer Madsen’s You Can Make Anything Sad (“as frequently hilarious as it is devastating,” Bess says) and Melissa … [ Read more … ]

Puyallup, Washington by Joseph Riippi


Scott McClanahan says of Joe Riippi’s new book: “I’m not going to do one of those typical blurb things and say Jospeh Riippi is a mix between Che Guevara and Susan B. Anthony. I’m not going to say if Anna Akhmatova and Terry Southern had a baby it would be Joseph Riippi. I’m going to tell you Joseph Riippi is Joseph Riippi and that’s enough for me.”

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Literature Party 2014


FSG Originals presents LITERATURE PARTY 2014 a night of literature and party benefiting APRIL festival, Seattle Friday February 28, 2014 9pm @ FRED Wildlife Refuge 127 Boylston Ave E Seattle, WA 98102 with literature from Amelia Gray Melissa Broder Sommer Browning dance party by DJs Jon Francois and Christian Science bookstore … [ Read more … ]