“You learn what you’re good at and what you’re bad at. And as long as you use both, you will make interesting stuff.” John Dermot Woods Talks to Edward Mullany

Edward Mullany and John Dermot Woods (holding Genny Cream)

A few weeks ago, my friend and neighbor, and fellow Publishing Genius writer/drawer/dry humorist, Edward Mullany was good enough to sit with me beside my Christmas tree. Being polite and neighborly, he brought a bottle of wine, and patiently answered … Continue reading

Puyallup, Washington by Joseph Riippi


Scott McClanahan says of Joe Riippi’s new book: “I’m not going to do one of those typical blurb things and say Jospeh Riippi is a mix between Che Guevara and Susan B. Anthony. I’m not going to say if Anna Akhmatova and Terry Southern had a baby it would be Joseph Riippi. I’m going to tell you Joseph Riippi is Joseph Riippi and that’s enough for me.”

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