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I’ve always been interested in self-publishing—I even self-published my MFA thesis, Say Poem ($4), a couple years ago. But recently I’ve become even more invested, as I’ve started consulting on it. I have complicated feelings about the work, which I’m still puzzling out even as I enjoy it. Things are moving … Read More

Sort of Like the Ocean: Jane Wang interviews Joseph Riippi


Editor’s note: Joseph Riippi’s latest novella, A Cloth House, came out a few months ago from Housefire. It’s a unique book in an indie press world filled with unique books; it’s affective and disarming and sonorous. Sarah Rose Etter said, “Simply put, A Cloth House will break your heart.” A couple months … Read More

Old Gus Eats by Polly Bresnick

Old Gus Eats

Old Gus Eats poetry translation by Polly Duff Bresnick Chapbook (28 pages, saddle-stitch, 8.5 x 7″) $4 (+$2 s/h) This chapbook contains stanzas fourteen through twenty-three of the The Odyssey by Homer, mistranslated visually from the ancient Greek. Polly Duff Bresnick’s process involves looking at the foreign shapes and symbols … Read More

Cineaste Article about Stephanie Barber’s These Here Separated

The summer issue of Cineaste features Michael Sicinski’s three-page article about book-DVD combos by Stephanie Barber and Abigail Child. It explores the questions filmmakers face about making DVDs of their work, and if it makes sense for an audience to attend screenings with some foreknowledge of the experimental films they’re going … Read More