We were trying to make something scary but we made something funny instead.

For a different side of Joe Young, check out his book or his blog.

Keith Nathan Brown’s “Booty Call of the Psyche”: An interview


Keith Nathan Brown’s book, Embodied (Sententia Books, May 2012), is as remarkable for its variety as it is for its exactitude. As the interview below shows, he is precise, and he’s as interested in physics as much as he seems ambivalent about literature. Therefore, his own writing is marked most … Read More

Self-Publishing, Publishing, Technology, and Reader Habits


I’ve always been interested in self-publishing—I even self-published my MFA thesis, Say Poem ($4), a couple years ago. But recently I’ve become even more invested, as I’ve started consulting on it. I have complicated feelings about the work, which I’m still puzzling out even as I enjoy it. Things are moving … Read More

Sort of Like the Ocean: Jane Wang interviews Joseph Riippi


Editor’s note: Joseph Riippi’s latest novella, A Cloth House, came out a few months ago from Housefire. It’s a unique book in an indie press world filled with unique books; it’s affective and disarming and sonorous. Sarah Rose Etter said, “Simply put, A Cloth House will break your heart.” A couple months … Read More