final-cover-4up-thumbSubmissions are closed, except for the Chris Toll Prize.

**UPDATE** I have already received more submissions than I can handle. Between you and me, I think a lot of them are from people who have never read a Publishing Genius book or even heard of the press before submissions opened. That is totally cool because if now they like the press, that’s a boon. But if they’re just not paying attention to what PGP is about, well, it’s easy to turn down a book that clearly doesn’t fit. It still take 5 minutes, though, and doing this 100s of times is painful. That’s why on June 15 we are going to charge $5 to submit. If you don’t want to pay $5, here are other options:

  1. submit before June 15
  2. email a receipt for any book purchased from PGP or any other small press to
  3. email a link to a book review (or review-type-thing) for a PGP book or any other small press book to

If you do step 2 or 3 I’ll reply with a way to send in your manuscript.

I don’t like doing this but I also don’t like not replying to submissions because I feel overwhelmed by them. If anyone still submits, the money will be very helpful. I would like to use it to buy an ad at Entropy, the new lit magazine. If I had been charging $5 all along, I’d have enough money to print the next two books that are coming out this year and buy lots of ads. I suspect that rather than paying $5, though, people just won’t submit. Does that mean I’ll miss out on publishing the next Empathy Exams? I hope not! However, knowing myself, I think having too many submissions to consider makes it just as likely that I won’t attend appropriately to the very worthwhile submissions.

I’m sorry that these submissions guidelines aren’t more helpful and that they don’t tell you what kind of work I’m looking for. That is because if you know anything about PGP, you know what kind of work I’m looking for—surprising work of any genre and things that don’t fit into any genre, with no regard to length. Sometimes I feel like the more impossible or impractical it is to publish something, the more I want to do it.

Anyway, point being, submit before Sunday the 15th of June or pay the price of $5. Thank you. **END UPDATE**


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