Night Moves by Stephanie Barber

Night Moves

February 12, 2013
5 x 7″ 86 pages
Paperback: $10

Thanks for making Night Moves a bestselling book of poetry in 2013!

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Here comes everybody, and they’ve sure got a lot to say about Bob Seger’s 1976 song “Night Moves.” Lifted whole from YouTube user comments, this book unfurls like a readymade litany of misspelled youth.
—Jeanne Liotta

This is a sad and powerful book of love poems. Stephanie Barber understands how things are supposed to work and recognizes that they are broken, and Night Moves is a screenshot for the help desk in the sky. It’s a conceptual ode to Internet philosophy, solidifying the transient nature of online conversation.
—Kenneth Goldsmith @kg_ubu

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