Book Giveaway: New York Tyrant

*UPDATE* A little behind schedule, I just asked on Facebook for two numbers. The first response was 9 and 6, dude, so that means the winners were the 9th and 6th commenters, arranged from the newest. So: Buck and iamoulton, huzzah, get in touch. Book giveaways are fun. Check back for more, every week. *END UPDATE*

With thanks to Luke Goebel, this issue’s guest editor, I’m happy to give away two copies of The NY TyrantThere’s amazing stuff in this issue (as always), including stories by Rachel B. Glaser, Noy Holland, Tao Lin, J. A. Tyler, Paula Bomer and lots more. Gordon Lish.

To be considered, just leave a comment about any old thing. I’ll choose winners at random on Sunday night.

We’re just giving it away.


Book Giveaway: New York Tyrant — 11 Comments

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